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First of all I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and you are looking forward to joining in 2022 for adventures in the hills and mountains at home and overseas.

As we all know Covid 19 has had a huge impact on foreign travel especially with ourselves...our trips to Kenya 🇰🇪 Tanzania 🇹🇿 Uganda 🇺🇬 Morocco 🇲🇦 Nepal 🇳🇵 Bhutan 🇧🇹 and India 🇮🇳 but things are looking up and although covid is still very real countries are starting to open up to tourism again.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have booked your trips with us and have stuck with us through this pandemi.c

To date of all our bookings from you our Clients have stayed with us.

We have only had one cancellation which was for personal health reasons and a couple of deferred dates.

Hopefully we are doing something right on our trips treks hikes and climbs 😊

Just a point to note that during the pandemic our guides porters and staff in the various countries we travel to have not worked...we are proud to the fact ..that those that needed it..we were in a position to help with food and a small amount of money in an ongoing basis till they started to work again..there is no social welfare in these countries.

June 2021 saw us back in the hills at home in Ireland as restrictions were lifted and we also took part in a few events such as the JFK50 Mile Challenge and the Moonlight Challenge...we also did Sponsored Hikes and climbs for Various Charities where we were leading Groups to Raise money for excellent causes..some of the Charities were Cork Penny Dinners..Cork Homeless..Whistle and of course our Own Charity.... CHILDAID...we took no fee or payment for these various groups.

If you would like to organise a Charity hike or climb please let us know..we would be happy to help..we don't charge..just a small donation to Childaid will be perfect 😊

Going forward into 2022 we will be advertising more hikes and climbs in Ireland 🇮🇪..we won't be charging for our services but we would ask that you make a small donation to Childaid and we guarantee a cracking day out in the hills and the fun and laughter are free 😅

We will be updating our website in the next couple of weeks and we will also be posting our Upcoming Adventures on Instagram FB twitter etc and of course our WhatsApp group.

Our overseas treks are now going ahead thankfully...our Kilimanjaro Climb for February is full as is our Mt Meru climb in March..we still have a couple of places for our Everest Basecamp Trek in April...we have reduced the maximum number of trekkers per trip with covid in mind...our next Kilimanjaro trip is 23 July 2022 ....we will also be posting dates of trips as places become available...we still have a lot of people booked and ready to travel.

All profits from our overseas trips will be donated to CHILDAID...we will also bring you to visit some of the projects that Childaid are involved in so you can see where the donations go to ...nothing like seeing it for yourself.

I have had a lot of enquiries over Christmas about joining us on various hikes and climbs so I have for your convenience attached the Trip Registration Form...if you require information or itineraries for our trips please let us know and we will send it out to you.

Anyone who has travelled with us before will tell you we have no hidden costs.

And of course the laughter is free 😊

Keep a look out on our social media for trip updates..we try to keep our email update to our mailing list to just 2 emails a year...if you wish to be removed please let me know and we won't bother you in future.

As yet we have to confirm a date but our First Irish Hike for 2022 will be in January and will be up Table Mountain in Wicklow..we have planned a loop Hike so we and up back at our charge..just to blow the cobwebs from Christmas 🎄 😀

If you need any more information on various trips etc let us know or if you would like us to help organise and lead a fundraising climb please let us know..we would be delighted to take part and help.

So for now I'd like to wish you and your families a very Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing you again soon on one of our Adventures!



Twitter: @2venture1


8 January 2022 Table Mountain Wicklow
2 February 2022 Mt Kilimanja ro Tanzania
6 March 2022 Carauntoohill Kerry
8 March 2022 Mt Meru Tanzania
3 April 2022 Everest Basecamp Nepal
8 May 2022 Lugnaquilla Wicklow
21June 2022 Mt Kenya Kenya
29 June 2022  50 Mile (82 km) Kenya Challenge
23 July 2022 Mt Kilimanja ro Tanzania
17 September 2022 Annapurna Circuit Nepal
2 October 2022 Everest Basecamp Nepal


We have renewed our memberships to the Magillacuddy Reeks Access Forum, Mountaineering Ireland and the British Mountaineering Council


We are delighted to be back up and Running with our hikes and Climbs as restrictions ease from Covid 19.

We have just worked through our backlog of groups and bookings for our Irish hikes and climbs and are now in a position to start accepting future booking. You can make your booking through the Contact us Page on our website

We have been busy most weekends and also have been privileged to be asked to lead several Charity hikes aswell. The first was for the 2 Norries climb on Carauntoohill for the homeless in Cork, also a few smaller groups for personal charities and a couple of Climbs in Wicklow for "Whistle".

We are also taking part in the "moonlight challenge" Event in the Wicklow mountains on the night of 20 November to help raise funds for the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue.

We are also putting together a few Charity fundraising Climbs for Childaid Children's Charity based in Cork.

We are currently working on dates for our Irish, UK, Kenya, Tanzania and Nepal trips/hikes/Climbs which will be posted on our Facebook page and our Website.

You can find out more about our events by contacting us through our Website or our Facebook page or email or give us a buzz on 087 6886101/087 1193900



25 JULY 2020

Climb Lugnaquilla Leinster's Highest Mountain

8 AUGUST 2020

50 Miles solo Challenge in aid of Childaid

29 AUGUST 2020

Climb Carauntoohill Kerry Irelands Highest Mountain


Climb Mt Snowdon Highest Mountain in Wales via the Miners Path

3 OCTOBER 2020

Everest Basecamp Trek Nepal

31 OCTOBER 2020

Halloween night climb of Croagh Patrick Mayo

14 NOVEMBER 2020

Climb Scafell Pike England's Highest Mountain

21 NOVEMBER 2020

Kenya Beach Hike Coastal region in Kenya East Africa

31 DECEMBER 2020

New year's Eve Hike in Kerry proceeds to Childaid


29 JANUARY 2021

Mt Kilimanjaro Africas Highest Mountain via Machame Route

25 FEBRUARY 2021

Kilimanjaro premium lager Marathon Tanzania with options of a safari or Kilimanjaro climb via Marangu route or a trip to Zanzibar afterwards

12 MARCH 2021

Mt Kenya with options of solai hills treks or safari afterwards

1 APRIL 2021

Everest Basecamp Trek Nepal

18 APRIL 2021

Annapurna Trek Nepal

26 MAY 2021

Mt Kilimanjaro Tanzania via Machame Route

18 JUNE 2021

Mt Snowdon Wales

25 JUNE 2021

Ben Nevis Scotland

23 JULY 2021

Mt Kilimanjaro via Lemosho Route

20 AUGUST 2021

Scaffel Pike England


Mt Kilimanjaro via Marangu Route

1 OCTOBER 2021

Everest Basecamp Nepal


Solai Hills Trek Kenya......a cultural experience of Rural Kenya incorporated while trekking in Central Kenya

31 DECEMBER 2021

New years Eve Hike Climb for Childaid
We will be adding more dates especially for our Irish hikes and climbs as we get nearer proposed dates

News Bulletin

News Bulletin


Team 2venture1 from Venture 2 Adventures take part in the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Moonlight Challenge.

This is an Annual Fundraiser held for the mountain rescue team
The Challenge was to navigate and follow a 27 km Course at night time through forests and across Mountains and tracks in the Wicklow Mountains.



If you travelled with us before then we’d love for you to share your experience. Share you adventure stories and pictures with our community.

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