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Charity Hikes

During our travels, we witnessed first-hand the poverty and poor living conditions of children in the slums of Africa. We know that we are fortunate to be able to travel the world and have all these wonderful experiences.
At Venture 2 Adventures we believe in community and giving back. We organise multiple charity hikes and treks every year to our favourite destinations and here in Ireland. Our charity of choice here at Venture 2 Adventures is Childaid.

We also help others who wish to raise money for other charities. If you are planning a charity hike or hill walk then let us know and we can organise the event for you. Venture 2 Adventures take no profit from the charity events and 100% of the money raised goes directly to your chosen charity.



Childaid was founded by ex-members of the Irish Defence forces and friends who experienced first-hand the dire condition of the slums in East Africa, especially Kenya and Rwanda. These individuals established Childaid to do something constructive and offer help to those who needed it most.

Childaid is a charity that supports children living in East Africa to help lift them out of the harsh and brutal conditions of the slums through education, health, and residential care projects. Their mission is the eradication of extreme poverty, disease, and hunger for children in the developing world and ensuring that each child has the essential means to a productive life.

Childaid believes that aid and charity is not a long term solution for the Developing World. Instead, their goal is to create long term self sufficiency in their donor countries. Their goals & objectives of Childaid align strongly with the UN's Millennium Development Goals and they believe thataddressing the causes and symptoms of extreme hunger, poverty and disease will allow for continued development. 

For more information on Childaid you can visit their website

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Other Charities we work with include:


Le Chéile Africa is a non-profit organisation and charity that provides quality healthcare services, educational programmes, disability care programmes and community development projects. Le Chéile’s purpose is to encourage community participation, enhance dignity and quality of life, and enable self sustainability. Le Chéile is an organisation that aims to build healthier lives by improving the quality of life of individuals, families and communities as well as creating a sustainable world through education, community services and empowerment programmes. 


BUMBLEance is the world’s first ambulance service specifically designed for children. As the first of its kind in the world, BUMBLEance has all the amenities of a regular ambulance but includes many extras to make a sick child’s journey as safe, comfortable and entraining as possible. All BUMBLEance ambulances are fitted with video games, WIFI, books, games, Netflix, iPads and more. Their aim is to distract, comfort and entertain Ireland’s youngest and most critically ill patients as they travel to and from hospitals and paediatric treatment centres nationwide.


To get involved in one of our Charity Treks, or to organise your own Fundraiser contact Venture 2 Adventures

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